1log automatically records
the location information of
where you visit on one map.
With the geofence technology,
battery consumption is minimal.
Let 1log accompany you for your
lifelog, travels, short walks,
and location-based games.

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Record and save logs automatically.
But minimum battery usage.

1log automatically records
the location information
of where you visit.
Automatic backup * is available
so that you can recover
your important logs at any time.

Geofene technology
is adopted for locating your position,
so battery consumption is minimal.
1log does not require
a data communication network,
and it keeps recording your tracks.

* Automatic backup is an expanded function.

Seamless Browsing.

You can zoom in / out
as well as view in any time period,
on one map with seamless expression.
You can view the current location,
and switch to the heat map view
with one tap.

One tap to save area information,
and one tap to post it on SNS.

Automatic summary system.

1log tabulates, organizes
and graphs recorded areas.
You can see each report
based on year, month, and date
along with area map.

Aggregated data can be exported *,
so integration of data
to other data services is also possible.

* Data export is an expanded function

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With 1log

w/ lifelog
1log automatically keeps recording areas in the background and supports data export.
Let 1log record location logs for you.

w/ trips
If you launch 1log in the foreground, area information will be recorded in detail while displaying the current location in real time.
Use 1log for route confirmation and tracking for trips and walking tours.

w/ location-based game
The location information recorded by 1log can be displayed on one map for any time period. Areas that are not filled are areas that you have not visited during that period.
A perfect companion for a location-based game.